PARTHENOS Discovery Service

Your gateway to the PARTHENOS Entities Dataspace. 

Metadata from all partner Research Infrastructures

Metadata from all partner Research Infrastructures is aggregated here under a common semantic model, allowing for an unprecedented interdisciplinary view on these heterogeneous datasets.

The PARTHENOS Discovery application offers multiple options to explore the dataset. You can dive into the dataset through one of the main types: actors, datasets, services, software, projects and places. Either through keyword search or by exploring the entities in the model.

You can search by:

- Keyword: keyword search with faceting over selected properties

- Semantic Relations: advanced semantic search using a query builder

- Sources: individual datasets contributed by each of the sources

- Model: exploring the data based on the underlying ontology of the Parthenos Entities Model

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PARTHENOS Discovery Highlights

Show Cases

A hand curated list of entities-detail views and other specialized pages to highlight specific aspects of the application or the dataset.


Browse through records featuring an image representation.


Browse through geo-referenced records. (Only available for records with geo-coordinates).

Experiment with the PARTHENOS VRE

Experiment with the PARTHENOS VRE

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